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Please, is there any ongoing project or app that can implement document review and approval? Something like Nuxeo workflow or Alfresco task management, but simpler: user A creates document -> user B reviews -> user C approves.



You could perhaps use the tagging system to mark the files. Could this be related to the workflow engine? https://github.com/nextcloud/server/tree/master/apps/workflowengine

Probably interesting feature for many enterprise users as well. @nickvergessen @MorrisJobke can you help out here?

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Hi Marcelo,

it doesn’t exist but could be done with a custom app. I have looked into this topic a while ago already.

Although I would also consider using an external workflow engine and write a connector for it. Camunda (open source) for example has a good example for a invoice approval process, which in their example uses a box[.]com connector.


This example, which is open source, could be adapted for Nextcloud (writing a Nextcloud connector). Benefit is that this whole process management, forms, UI, etc. would all be provided with a very simple and clean web UI.

It’s open source:

And if you want, you could even read in all pending taks / processes via Camunda REST API and display a list of pending tasks within a Nextcloud app itself (which works as a view only but links to the tasks on the workflow engine UI then.)

I see either Camunda or Flowable as good options to achieve document-driven workflows, especially when they become a bit more complex.

Need to consider that Nextcloud is not an ECM but a EFSS system, so it’s coming from a different side. Using a workflow engine with standardized BPMN models and a connector will keep separation of concerns really clean, each system focussing on it’s core strength.



Hi Mathias,

Thanks for your review on the subject. Yes, I’m already considering building a connector for Camunda. It seems to be the best solution to keep workflow (with BPMN) separate from the EFSS.

Happy Holidays, cheers,

Hi Marcelo,

Cool, please keep me in the loop with your progress. As you can see from the open issue, I had some issues getting the box example to run on the latest CE version. https://github.com/camunda-consulting/code/issues/39

Happy holidays to you too,

Yep, of course I will… and, by the way, thanks for the box example. It’s a good starting point! I have subscribed to the thread you opened at github.


Hi Mathias, Marcelo,
I am Kajan, a final year Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. My final year project group is planning to set up a workflow management system to our university. As our university has already setup Document Management System using NextCloud, we also thought of building a connector. Would I know the status and possible contribution from our side? Also if you have any research parts please let me know.

Thank you.

Just went through the beginner guide :slight_smile:. I just want to mention your names to make sure you are notified of this :slightly_smiling_face: @mathiasconradt @mqlopes

Is there any process on this toppic? I would also like to have the option to review files like you know it from git + gerrit.

nextcloud have a nice version management but sometimes an review process can be usefull. I will use a nc folder for our quality management system where new or updated documents need an approval, …

Hi Marcelo,

Nice to meet you! Did you succeed to create the connector for Camunda?
I actually use Nextcloud 16 and the project need an approval process for the documents which are uploaded inside, so I think that using Camunda is the right way to do that. But I am quite lost and need some help. Could you help me how to do that please?

Best regards,

Hi Azazel, i found this link with a working example of an integration, i hope you find it usefull.