Task client apps recommended in 2023?

Also curious to others’ usage here. Also coming from thunderbird, which has grown rather sluggish with my 2 Gmail accounts, and 7 Nextcloud calendars. Task integration is OK, but some things don’t work, like marking a recurring task complete (I know that Nextcloud doesn’t formally support recurring tasks, but they kind of work). And, now it’s 2023 :slight_smile:

Off-topic for the calendar discussion, but try using dedicated task apps. I do not have a particular client to recommend.

Generally speaking, BusyCal for Mac is a superb client. That’s all I know. Not sure what to use on Windows or mobile.

Umm…no…? I was asking about calendars - how is that off topic? I was mentioning why I don’t care for Thunderbird as an all-in-one calendar/task solution.

Why can’t Nextcloud tasks support recurring tasks natively? Are there technical challenges preventing it from being implemented yet? I’m just genuinely curious as I have used recurring tasks for years using various other programs/apps before I set up my Nextcloud server and still use recurring tasks extensively. I know I can create recurring tasks on another app or program and have it sync to Nextcloud, but that often causes issues and would like to not have to rely on multiple programs just for tasks.

That said, thanks for the continued development of this otherwise awesome cloud server.

Here is the issue on github, along with the extensive discussion on status of implementation.