Проблемы с Talk

Доброго времени суток! Установлен AIO в Docker-е, включено всё STUN, запись, PUSH. Подскажите, может кто-то сталкивался, если один из собеседников ложит трубку второй остаётся висеть в разговоре и к нему невозможно дозвониться :frowning:

Hi @Sterx welcome to the forum :handshake:

I’m not sure what is the problem… In Talk all calls even p2p calls are more like meetings - users are not disconnected from the call once another party leaves the call… From my understanding if a user is in a call notification of new call might become less visible I would expect there is one. please describe the issue with more details

Hi @wwe .
Even if the call is a meeting, it is logical that when a participant leaves, you need to check the number of remaining participants and if only 1 participant remains, then end the meeting on his device. Otherwise, the following situation arises: Bob called Alice, the two of them had a meeting. If Eve calls Bob or Alice, she will receive a busy signal. If Bob left the meeting and hung up, then Eve will be able to call Bob. But since Alice is still in a meeting, when Eve tries to call Alice, she again receives a busy signal.
And it turns out that it’s impossible to reach Alice until she notices that she hasn’t hung up. Therefore, I, and most people who use the phone, expect that when there is only one participant left in the meeting, it should automatically end.

this might sound logical but there are other valid scenarios which would brake if you automatically end active meetings - what is when one of the users want to switch devices and leaves the meeting? what is when meeting is planned for longer and user join one after another to the meeting - this would brake the flow as last remaining user will be unintentionally removed from the meeting…

Definitely my scenarios are not very common but still valid and automatic actions would create confusion…

Maybe you can make this optional, and be able to turn off “auto-exit” for certain installations?