Talk works but is not notifying

Nextcloud and Nextcloud Talk works on my Server but when calling/ chatting nobody gets any notify or alarm that he/she is called. I’ve tried this cross-platform on iOS and Android but on both devices nothing happens. Users see a chat/message only when actively opening Nextcloud Talk app. I am missing something? And of course all system settings are set, that the App can show notifcations on the screen.

Hi @jakobssystems,
Do you have the Notifications app enabled on your server?

negative, is this required?

Yes :slight_smile: in otder to receive notifications from Talk and other apps, Notifications app should be enabled.

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After enabling Notifications app, log out and log in again from Talk mobile apps.
Then you should be correctly subscribed to receive push notifications on mobile devices.

Hey Super! it Works thank you!

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i have same issue.
But i have Notification app active.
Can you help me?

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Same here, no notifications on phone and Notification app activated .

Same problem , notification after relog not working … any idea ?