Talk with HPB: freezes, no video, no audio


I’m using Talk with the HPB on a “small” dedicated server (Intel C2750, 16Gb RAM, BW 300Mbps).

It has been set up using this guide How to Install Nextcloud Talk High Performance Backend with Stun/Turnserver on Ubuntu – Markus' Blog

Problem is I can’t have more than 3-4 participants, when more than these are on a room, video freezes, no audio, etc. It is unusable, but the HPB server load is very little, so i don’t think the server specs are the problem here.

No mater what alternative is used (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp…) it just works, with the same users.

If anyone has any idea of how can i improve this…


That sounds a bit like it isn’t actually using the HPBE. While you shouldn’t expect a significant CPU load from HPBE (it doesn’t do any video processing), you should observe an increase in NETWORK load, since the streams will funnel through the server rather than peer to peer.

What happens if you disable HPBE? Does it break down in a similar manner after 3-4 users connect?

What are you seeing in terms of logs? In particular, from the signalling server.