Talk Video Quality settings

How is it possible to adjust the video streaming quality to get better quality video?
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We have the same question. We tested Talk in our office with only two participants and an internet connection with 40 MBit/s upload. Talk is hosted at webgo providing a 100 MBit/s connection. However the resolution is very poor. Thx in advance, Michael

A future version is likely to offer manual quality settings. We currently adjust quality depending on the number of people in a call. Improvements would be to adjust quality based on the connection of participants (webrtc tries to do this automatically, I believe, but it is browser dependent and not very good) and offer manual controls. There is no ETA on this, though.

Thx for the clarification :slight_smile:

Is there any progress in this matter?

I use Nextcloud Talk for online interpreting and teaching and I need the highest quality possible, especially for sound, so the possibility of choosing non-compressed audio would be fine.
For the video: my camera has the resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, but the video is always smaller on the other party’s side. Can I change this?
The calls are usually only with 2 or 3 participants (including me and I use broadband internet connection (optical cable).

Will there be a possibility to adjust the quality in the GUI?

Or, is it possible to force some settings editing some files? I don’t know where to find these options.

This would be great to have especially for the situations where you are looking at someone else’s screen for example during coding sessions. Blurry text just sucks and sometimes you want to max out your connection.