Talk Video-Meeting

Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): 21.0.1
Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): Android Tablet, Windows 10, Windows 7 Apache or nginx version _(eg, Apache 2.4.25)_: ??? PHP version _(eg, 7.4)_: 7.4

The System-Report can here download:
Password: pYgbdkIDuvfaT8FZ39nY

To the error:

In the “Talk” app, only participants who are in the same LAN can take part in video chats. As soon as one of the participants from the Internet joins, no video connection can be established. After clicking the “Start call” button, all participants will see another participant who is currently being connected; however, nothing more happens. No audio or video connection can be established. Even after several minutes, nothing happens.

Can someone tell me how to narrow down the cause of the error?

== german ==

Zum Fehler:

In der App “Talk” können nur Teilnehmer an Video-Chats teilnehmen, die sich im gleichen LAN befinden. Sobald einer der Teilnehmer aus dem Internet dazukommt, kann keine Video-Verbindung hergestellt werden. Nach dem Anklicken des Button “Anruf starten” wird bei allen Teilnehmern ein weiterer Teilnehmer angezeigt, der gerade zugeschaltet wird; es passiert jedoch nichts weiter. Es kann kein Audio- oder Video-Verbindung hergestellt werden. Auch nach mehreren Minuten passiert nichts.

Kann jemand mir mitteilen, wie die Fehlerursache eingeschränkt werden kann?

Ok, so here is the thing; with default configuration, talk video calls are very messy with network. Each participant sends one stream to EACH OTHER participant, and also RECEIVES one stream from each other participant as well. I.e., on a call with 5 participants, EACH participant will send 4 streams and receive 4 streams. This isn’t so bad when everyone is connected to the same very fast network, but once you start going into the public internet, with users who may have slow connections, then things start to fall apart. This falling apart can happen starting with just 3 or 4 total participants.

My suggestion would be to see if you can make it work over the public internet with just TWO participants in total. One in your local fast network, and one over the public internet. If it works like that, then you can be fairly confident that you’re simply overloading someone’s network connection.

You can dramatically increase the number of participants that you can have on a conference by implementing the HPBE: GitHub - strukturag/nextcloud-spreed-signaling: Standalone signaling server for Nextcloud Talk.

This will dramatically reduce the network load, since now each participant will receive one stream FOR each other participant, but from the server, and each participant will only SEND one stream in total – to the server. While it doesn’t reduce the total amount of incoming data, this tends to still be OK because most non-commercial internet connections are asymmetric – much faster at receiving than sending.

You might want to google around for STUN and TURN servers for WebRTC (what Talk is based on)


Thanks for the information.

I forgot to mention that video chats with internet participants were already possible before the last update.

A STUN or TURN server has already been set up.

== German ==

vielen Dank für die Informationen.

Habe vergessen, zu erwähnen, dass vor dem letzten Update bereits Video-Chats mit Teilnehmern aus dem Internet möglich waren.

In this case you should have no problem having a meeting with 2-3 people coming from anywhere.

Check your TURN configuration…

Where is your TURN server located? Does it have a proper SSL cert?
It works for me with coTURN server…

== English ==

Only a STUN server was specified in the settings for the “Talk” app:

All other input fields are empty:
Turn server
High performance backend

== German ==

bei den Einstellungen zu der “Talk” App ist ausschließlich ein STUN-Server angegeben worden:

Alle weiteren Eingabefelder sind ohne Angaben:

== English ==
after additional public STUN servers have also been added to the list, the “Talk” app works again without any errors.
== German ==

nachdem zusätzlich weitere öffentliche STUN Sever in der Lisdte mit aufgenommen wurden, funktioniert auch die App “Talk” wieder fehlerfrei.