Talk TURN-Server config

turn server config
switches from grafik
to this
and stays

am i missing something or is ist supposed to be like this ?

turn server and nextcloud are on the same server

logfiles look like that

Question2– i got no idea where/why the 401 is caused

config like this

Looks the same for me, before clicking on the β€œmonitoring” icon.

After clicking on it, it checks the connection, and tells you with the check mark that all is fine, afterwards it flips back to the monitoring icon.

So you should be fine as long as you followed the official documentation

And based on your second screenshot with the config

  1. you should not share your secret :wink:
  2. your static-auth-secret should only be mentioned once in the config, otherwise the last parameter replaces the previous ones.

thanks with clearing the symbols

ad secret it was altered before posting :wink:
but true never share a secret on the internet :innocent:

thanks for the hint killin double lines in the config,

testin again