Talk shares Shows in Home Directory


We have upgraded from NC 24.0.7 to 25.0.3, all is well. But it happened first time that talk shared files shows in home directory of users. How to prevent shared files to display in home direcotory? It was fine before upgade. All talked shared files remain in home/Talk directory

OS : Debian 11


Each user can configure the path/folder where talk attachments are stored in the talk app: talk settings>Attachments folder.

If you want to do it for all users yourself, you have to do it on the preference table directly.


Thank you so much for reply

I could not find find settings → Talk app → attachments folders anywhere in personal settings or in administration settings

Also in oc_preference table there I also could not find anything related to talk attachment folder …

Also observation is that new attachments are being placed in talk/ for all users. Only issue is, old attachments after upgrades are in home directory users. And users cannot move them anywhere,

At the bottom left corner


And then

My bad it might be the {something}_preferences table (if I’m not remembering wrong again :smiley: )

But anyway, if I’m understanding it correctly it’s not new shared files that are places under the root folder of each user but the old shared files before the update to NC25 that was moved from the talk folder to the root folder of each user.

In that case you may want to create a script to move file accordingly to their attributes. But doing it manually could be better based on the difficulty you have to create that script.

Okay thank you.

Unfortunately, i could not found these shared files in terminal data/username/files/ . Only they display in nextcloud user files in web interface.

This is so much strange.


Have you tried these commands ?

php occ files:scan --all
php occ maintenance:repair

You can find other useful command here :


Yes i have just tried these commands, still same .

Any more suggestion please? Any hint may be helpful.

One finding i have that want to share, may be someone give some advice.

I have restored nextcloud database (before upgrade) and compared it with current database (after upgrade). Realized that in oc_share /Talk/ has been replaced with / with old talk shared files following is sample .

Left side snapshots shows oc_share of NC database before upgrade. Right snapshot shot shows oc_share of NC database after upgrade.

Now how to fix this issue.

occ files:scan --all and maintenace:repair does not fix the issue.

Any advice?

Manual correction is not possible because there are 1000s of rows.


I do not know how to repair this quickly with Nextcloud commands unfortunately.

But I can suggest that you create a short script that will clean your database.
It’s not complicated to create and I can guide you if you want.
I would recommend testing it on a replication of your nextcloud instance tho - just in case.

I can imagine two approaches:

  1. Compare each talk folder and home and if you find a duplicate delete the one in the home folder.
  2. Or you can compare both databases and delete duplicates.