Talk recording backend

Where are conversation recordings stored?

They are uploaded to the users Talk folder (the user which started the recording) and can then be shared to the chat.

I can start and end the recording, but the talk folder is empty, so I’m wondering where the recordings are physically located on the server where the recording backend is configured or on the server where the nextcloud instance is located, as well as the default path to the recording files

I just realized that the recording still doesn’t start, are there any ideas where to look, how to get the talk and backend logs? Nextcloud 26.0.2 Talk 16.0.4 The backend was installed using the script 02 Setup Script · sunweaver/nextcloud-high-performance-backend-setup Wiki · GitHub


I have exactly the same problem as you, my nextcloud version 27.0.0,
wolud you have the solution with it, thanks. :grinning: