Talk or Bigbluebutton for conference

hi i am new to NC
Can somebody help me know why there is NC Talk and Bigbluebutton integration as they provide same functionality


It may be difficult to explain. But first of all, there is no one software solution for anything. That may be the case with Microsoft. But even with Windows, there are users who still install third-party software and don’t get everything from Microsoft. For example, you could do without Nextcloud and simply use Microsoft 365. Why do you use here Nextcloud?

Nextcloud Talk has the advantage of having deep integration with Nextcloud. For example, files can be included, etc. However, at the latest for larger video conferences, you need the Nextcloud Talk high-performance backend, which leads to more effort and usually also costs. Perhaps not the solution for all users.

However, many users also have BigBlueButton installations that they host separately that they like to use. Or they use Jitsi, Matrix / Element, …

Freedom is preserved when you can use the solution that you like and not the one that is dictated to you by the software. Nextcloud offers you all the freedom you need. With Microsoft 365, the situation is completely different. Due to licensing alone (Microsoft 365 Business), it makes little sense to use an alternative video conferencing platform to Microsoft Teams when using Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Teams - Wikipedia

Many thanks for the clarification