Talk - Message Alerts

I have version 23.0.0 and would like to activate alert sounds/notifications of new messages in Talk. Thanks

Please provide more details? if you are talking about the browser you need to allow incoming notifications from your Nextcloud’s website, like below:


I see Nextcloud/Talk notifications as bubbles (I’m not sure there is no sound because I generally set notifications to silent or maybe it doesn’t work for browser notifications)

Might be an issue with sound. My browser has all permissions set to Allowed. Yet when someone writes a message to me I get no sound notification.

As a small company we want to migrate off slack, but its far to easy to miss comments and real time discussion in nextcloud talk currently. In my opinion this should be more customisable, ie, allow for audio notification, flashing browser tab, repeat notifications until I visit etc.

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AFAIK this is not Nextcloud website issue. as long you get (silent) notifications everything works as expected, and you browser decides how to inform you about the news. At least for Firefox a plugin exists to play sounds on website notifications:

try searching for a solution for your preferred browser…

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I’m assuming you are talking about getting some sound or noise when you receive a message on Talk in the browser? This also has to do with how individual users configured how they want to receive notifications and their operating system.

Yes you’re both correct, its to do with my browser and XFCE desktop. I’ll have to work through it, thank you.

Just adding an extra thought to this. I still wonder if there isn’t room for Talk to support its own alert options beyond triggering browser alerts. Form example the Talk video chat rings and it much more attention grabbing. I’d love a flashing browser tab, or pulsing bell icon to differentiate a chat message from ‘a file changed’ etc. I’m sure you get the idea :wink:

btw. there’s also default (system) settings which apply when you start new conversation and per conversation settings