Talk HPB - hosting options for occasional calls between 10 - 100 people


we use nextcloud incl. nextcloud talk. we would like to use a HPB (high performance backend) to have meetings with 100+ people every 2-3 months. and probably 1-2 meetings with 10 people every month.

those calls should run fluently, but they are not “system-relevant” and if one of those meetings needs to be canceled due to technichal reasions, we can live with this. so in theory a self hosting would be ok.

what would be a cost efficient solution for this? is there a service provider that offers HPB and is payed per use? or one that is cheap? in most pricing models we will have to pay for 100 users capacity every month even our nextcloud talk is not used most of the time.

Hi, where are you located geographically?

We are located in Germany.

Try Hetzner. They are very responsive and should be easy to reach on chat or phone.

Or, you could use a service like Linode. They are also easy to reach and can charge by the minute/hr. Also have a phone number and chat.

Either should provide excellent customer service.


thanks for the Input. I was already thinking of getting a server from hetzner. But I was hoping to get something that is more "Plug n play, because I am just an IT enthusiast, but not an fully qualified IT admin that can easily configure / install an HPB on his on on linux.

Any recommendations for this?

All the best

A big player for Nextcloud Talk HPB is Struktur AG see here. But i think there is no pricing for your issue. But maybe @fancycode from Struktur AG can contact you if your issue is possible. I think the problem is that mostly dedicated hardware is used for customers.

The customer should be aware that the operation has a significant need for dedicated bandwidth and CPU requirements.

Feel free to reach out to for pricing information on our HPB service. Also you can register for a free trial in the admin settings of Talk to test it before.

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thanks! just did that. Looking forward to see if this is in our budget.

All the best