[talk] How to setup separate signaling server?


I have the following setup with nextcloud:

web server

database server

document server

Now i also want to have a seperate server for talk, but unfortunately i can´t find any documentation or guides online about how to set it up.

If i have understood this correct, what i need is a signaling server, but i can´t find any information about how to do that.

Is there any person here that can help me? I am using Debian 9.

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i am sure if you would use the search function here in the forum with keywords like “howto” and “stun” or “turn” you’d be quite successful. too successful to mention every hit i just got.

I wish there was as much hits when it came to: howto signaling server

Excuse me if i was unclear.

I have searched in the forum and on google, but all i can found is how to set up a stun and turn server. What i want to do is setup a Signaling server.

ummm… sorry i got that wrong.
to make it clearer for everyone i adjusted the title of your thread a bit. hope that’s ok for you…


It seems like the best solution is to have the chat server on the same server as nextcloud runs on. I can also update my vps if needed later.

Thank you for all help.

Obviousely there is no signaling server supported other than the nextcloud one.