Talk - how to delete older messages after Message Expiration

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One of my Nextcloud Talk Channels has Conversation settings → Message Expiration → 4 weeks.
But I see some messages older than 3 months on this channel.
How can I fix it?
Is there some way how to delete these older messages?

Message expiration only works for messages send after the expiration was set. So if there were messages in the chat before enabling expiration, those will not be deleted. You need to clear the chat history for that or create a new conversation from scratch.

Thanks for your reply.
Can you help me how to clear the chat history?
What should I do?

When you open the conversation settings there’s a option at the bottom to clear the history (if you’re a moderator)

I am trying to find the settings you are talking about but I do not see it there.
I am Admin on the Nextcloud server.

What am I doing wrong?