'Talk' folder created for all users - Any chance to change this?


as the title says: How to get rid of the folders?

I don’t like the fact that Talk creates empty folders for every user. Guess it should be done when needed. -Or is it?



I have the same problem. I do not like any program to create a folder for no reason in the users home directory. This is annoying. How can it disabled?

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Same problem here, if anyone has an idea it would be appreciated :wink:

Is there really no option to disable the folder “talk”?

If so, the user should be warned by the (desktop) client, that deleting the folder will have no permanently effect.
Or what do you think about that please?

Thank you.

If you disable the Talk app, no Talk folder will be created.

In the webinterface I choosed the account button in the rightp upper edge, than Settings, than App Ordner, than “[ ] Talk”.

After that I deleted the folder talk in the webinterface in the files section.

Than a reload in the browser.

The folder talk is back :frowning:

The apporder app unfortunately doesn’t disable the app. You need to disable the app via the apps page.

Where can I finde the “apps page” please?

Does every user has access to it or only an admin?

We are using a hosted version.

Only admin users have access to this page.
Maybe you can ask your hoster to disable this app for you?

OK, I have to accept that.

How do you rate the fact that a user can’t deactivate apps (I’m not talking about activating them)?

Do developers read here or where can you present suggestions to improve the usability of NC?

Usually if you host Nextcloud yourself or use a hoster that gives you your own Nextcloud instance (and thus also an admin account) you are able to deactivate apps or e.g. to install apps. Accordingly, this is simply a limitation of your hoster.

Here is a case use for my purpose. We have lived with the folder, but as mentioned in the thread, it is not optimal and it would be nice to see a solution.

We have sites that are set to, Allow Sharing with Groups in the Sharing settings, which restricts the visibility of information based on the group association site wide. As such, we have a talk group that is associated with the talk app setting, Limit to Groups. Disabling the app is not an option, because it is being used by some groups.

The optimal solution would be that the talk app would not crate the talk folder in the user space that is not associated with the talk group. At a minimum, allow the folder to be deleted and not re-created if the user is not in the corresponding talk group.