Talk feature request. Add a Guest Talk user

I love Nextcloud Talk, however one of it’s limitations is having to create an account on my server for each person I want to chat with. I’m not comfortable giving full access accounts on my server to others.

I would like to be able to create a “Guest Talk” user. This would be a special user that is limited to the use of the Talk app only. I believe this would make the Talk app infinitely more useful than it is today. I would like to chat with friends, but don’t like the idea of giving them a full use account on my server. This special user could login using the mobile Talk apps and when logging into the web, would only see the Talk app on the menu. With this feature, one can invite friends, family, business associates, colleagues, etc to privately chat without giving these users access to the full features of the server.

It’s similar to the Guest app which allows one to create guest accounts on the server. Those users can’t create files so it’s limited also. Perhaps create a “Guest Talk” app that would allow for the creation of these limited “Talk Only” users.

Perhaps within the Talk app where it now says “Start conversation or users” Have another option to create a “Guest Talk” account. Enter the email and it would send a link for the user to create an account similar to the way the Guest User account works. Enforcement of 2FA would be an option similar to Guest app. Once the user creates his/her account, then just logs in with that account on the web and sees only the talk app or can log into the Talk mobile apps, but would be disallowed from logging into the regular Nextcloud Sync app.

Thanks for reading and hope to get some feedback from the community. Do others think this would be a neat and useful feature? Please jump in…

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You can do that

You can password protect it if you want

This is what they will see

Really? Please tell me how? Thanks!

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I edited my answer.

I use it for my family and they like it a lot

I’m aware you can send a guest link, and it’s a useful feature. However, it’s not the feature I’m suggesting. A guest invited this way can only use the link to join the chat and therefore cannot use the Talk mobile apps.

I’m suggesting the ability to create a user on the server with limitations similar to the way the “Guest App” works with file shares.

The “Guest Talk” user would have an account on the server, but with certain limitations:

  1. After creating an account on the server, can login and use the mobile Talk apps.
  2. Can only chat with the person who invited him/her to the conversation.
  3. Disallowed from creating new conversations.
  4. Disallowed form logging into and using the mobile Nextcloud sync apps or the Desktop sync apps.

The big advantage is the ability to login and use the Talk mobile apps. Just like the Guest app creates a user on the server with certain limitations. The Talk Guest would also get an account on the server with certain limitations limited to Talk only functionality.


I’m also looking for this functionality.

I have part time staff at my little Nursery School and want to add them to the Talk app without having them on the NC server.

I could just not tell them about the NC server and only have them install the Talk app but I’d love to have this function available.

I suppose just having the app work with guest accounts would be perfect.