Talk : edit just sent message / share local files


Some of my users reject talk, in comparison with mattermost or apps like that, mostly because:

  • when they press Enter (instead of Shift+Enter) the message is sent and they can’t edit this message.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to let users edit the post they just committed, that is before any other reply?

  • they can’t share a local file directly from the + button, i.e. they have to upload it before and then are able share it in a conversation…

Yes, I have the same issue.
Guests can’t even upload anything. That’s quite embarrassing.
Everybody should be able to paste or drop files into the chat, wich get then stored in a shared folder named like the conversation and accessible for all participants.
Once the call ends, NextCloud talk asks the admin if he wants to keep all data of this call. If not it is automatically deleted.

Nice scenario, now who would like to program that? :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I have the same problem within my organization. Editing is now a required feature for a direct message service; this small lack of feature is costing a lot for a wider app adoption and popularization. :sleepy:

Perhaps, a little more animation on this topic on Github :arrow_right: :arrow_left: could keep the ball rolling and shows how important (and essential, for some) this feature really is. :running_woman:t2:

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Or is there anyone that can lead me into this. This feature is so important to me that I am ready to invest time and do it by myslef.