Talk disabled and uninstalled, How to "elegantly" cleanup PostgreSQL Database after that?

In times of upcoming Tools like Element VoIP Chat, BigBlueButton and Jitsi Meet, there is no longer nescessity for Nextcloud Talk (for me and my users)

So to slim my NC Instance i decided to deactivate and after that uninstalled the Nextcloud Talk App.

So far no problems. In my Database (PostgreSQL 13.x) still remains some tables all beginning with


Is there an elegantly method to delete this data from the DB without harm for neighbour tables and data records?

The Talk App is already vanished from the WebUI, the app subfolder and from the admin settings pages. (all good so far)

Thanks for ideas, help and Infos.

Hi there, it is not recommended to clean up any tables manually since this can lead to unexpected problems.

OK thanks.