Talk + coturn on cPanel server

Hello guys

We are testing Nextcloud and Talk for customer with hosting plan on centos 7 with cPanel onboard

After test all work fine but NOT for people that star video call from our office.

The problem may be firewall or router (port 5001 is close by telco provider for voip)

From office we have no problem for work, for example, with hangout or zoom, but when connect to talk our people cannot see video and voice. Other people, outside office, could see video and speech.

Could coTurn revolve this issue? And installation guide is the same for hosting server?

Thanks for any support and suggest

Perhaps it is a routing problem. Outside users contact your router from outside and then the inside server (port-forwarding?). From inside you perhapts contact the router outside and it is not possible to go backward to the inside server.

Hello devnull

Nextcloud server is hosted on datacenter, so outside our office.

issue is

nextcloud server (DC) <-> our office

form our office TO nextcloud server (DC) ports is open

from nextcloud server (DC) to our office the issue “can” be on port 5001 is reserved and close by telco.

BUT, for offer nextcloud and talk as service on hosting solutions we cannot require to customer to manage their firewall.

There is any solutions for make this run, as run other similar services? Because with hangout and other we cannot have issue with video/audio call indice office from external


No suggest?