Talk Backround Feature


is there any way to set a User-Background Picture in talk like in zoom or Teams? I think this is a very important Feature for most of companies.

If not: How can I find someone who can programm this? Is theres something like Nextcloud “Kickstarter”? Or an programm board where I can ask?


There is no such feature in Talk yet. But you can use virtual camera apps like or

It’s currently being worked on and will hopefully be in the next major version of Nextcloud. You can follow the development over on GitHub.

Here is the issue: Blur/modify background in video call · Issue #3151 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub

And the current pull request that is being worked on: Background Blur by ipasanec · Pull Request #6036 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub

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Thanks for info! Very good to hear :wink: