Talk app not showing previous conversations after the upgrade

A very weird issue. I upgraded to NC 21 with a few hiccups in the way, (well the usual cannot verify backup and whatnot). After the update, a few apps were disabled by default, and of them, was Talk. Before enabling them, I saw that Talk itself had an upgrade as well, so I went ahead to upgrade it before enabling it. All to find out, all the conversations of the users were deleted (shocked and trembling considering the number of conversations and their importance).

I quickly jumped over to my MySQL database and checked the talk conversations table, and thanks to God, they were there. I tried messaging someone personally, and all the previous messages appeared (a deep sigh of relief). However, none of the group conversation (the most essential part of our Talk app) never appeared. I searched a lot and nothing. How can I recover them and fast? I’m really hesitant as a lot of important conversations were taking place in the talk app.

I searched the NextCloud support and found no help, however, this Reddit post resembles my issue (it’s not solved):

NC: 21.0.1
Talk: 11. 1.2

Please help. Thanks in advance.

It seems that you need to restore the missing conversations from of your regular database backups. Please check-out the following issue tickets which covers the problem:

Regular database backups? Is that done by Nextcloud itself or do we do it manually. Because if it was to be done manually, I have unfortunately not done it for a while.

EDIT: Just to clarify, I do have the oc_talk* tables, and many of the conversations that were previously created (before update) still do appear, it’s the group convos and the other missing ones that are not appearing.

As usual it’s the job of an adminstrator to make sure that regular backups of servera are done, to be able to recover from any technical issue or outage. If no regular backup jobs habe been created, you have to follow the LFP rule → (L)erning (F)rom (P)ain :wink: