Talk android app stuck after "grant access"

Hello world!,

I am running my instance of nextcloud 21.0.3 and talk app 12.2.1 on my android

Talk app gest stuck with the round wheel spinning, after granting access after authentication.

it must be pointed out that my droid is’s, so without GSF, but that was not a problem so far.

I tried to add a second account and it failed. so I deleted the first one (which was working), to add the two accounts of mine afresh. to my surprise, I was not able to login again.

any suggestion ?

Where are you obtaining the APK file?

I tried both fdroid and aurora store

without the google spyware, you should only use the fdroid version. Not sure what to suggest if you’ve tried it and it isn’t working. Have you tried a different phone? Have you looked at server and phone logs to see if there are any errors?

I don’t know what kind of changes “” makes to AOSP, so its possible they’re doing something to break it.

I deleted all data/cache, uninstalled, reinstalled from fdroid, authenticated and now it magically works.

hope this experience is useful for someone else…

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I have the same issue. My server is on a public https and the apache server is a proxy to an internal network server. Everything else, including Nextcloud apps on the phones work and sync without a problem.
However, Nextcloud talk refuses to work from either Android or iOS. I can log in and the app gets stuck at “Grant Access” and refuses to go further.

Nextcloud version is

Same Problem. Windows sync works but couldn’t log in on Android. Then installed the app through F-Droid instead of Google Play and it worked. :joy:

I’m having so many little issues with this software. I whish there was a better alternative…