Talk android app doesn't support security keys

The nextcloud app supports security key login.

However the nextcloud talk app does not?

I can’t log in to talk when my account is secured with a u2f Fido token. Can the talk dev team pull some pointers from the nextcloud app dev team and get token support login working?

You should be able to create a app token in settings and use that to log in

Hmm can you provide some screenshots? I’m not sure how. Creating an app token in settings… settings in the talk app? Nextcloud file app? I can’t get to settings in the talk app since it wants me to log in first before giving be any other options. In nextcloud I set up passcode account protection under settings but that seemed to have no effect on talk login.

Nope, can’t provide one right now, sorry. You need to login in web, go to settings and devices. See also Manage connected browsers and devices — Nextcloud latest User Manual latest documentation

Ok thanks I’ll try that

I have this screen … is the app token option on this screen somewhere?

Yes, at the bottom of the page. There should be an option to create a new app token / app password.

Ahh I do see it… I created a new app password basically…

but when attempting to log in to the talk app using this username and app password it fails.

There is an option to use an app password instead username and password. You need to use that

Ok getting closer… When I open the talk app and try to log in I set this screen for about 1 second. I can’t click on anything though before it moves on to the other username and password login screen

Oh man ok I finally clicked it fast enough… got it!

Oh course the solution is to update the embedded browser interface to support security keys like the nextcloud files app.