TALK: Android app cannot connect

I have recently update my own nextcloud server from 15 to 17.1
I never used talk app before, and i wanna try, so i installed and active the app in my instance.

Then i installed the app in mail Samsung A40 smartphone, but after typing user and password, login is running without succes, it just stay on my credentials view with the ring ringing in infinity.

I didn’t see anything in my server logs, so i do not understand where is the problem.

Does someone already have this kind of reaction on android smartphone?

THanks a lot

did you check this?

Hi thanks for your answer.
I’m not using browser, i’m using the APP NExtcloud Talk :

So i do not understand your request to check WebRTC support?

did you install the turn server? as described in the howto.

Hi @Reiner_Nippes ,
I have the same trouble. In NC 17 you can not connect with NC talk.
When I go back to nc 16 it goes well. Looks like something changed in nc 17.
Turnserver runs perfect. With audio and video…

I’m on 18.0.2 and Android devices just hang during login. As micky1067 said, around 16.x it was working fine. Anyone with a solution?


I have the same issue. When I press the login button, the turning circle appears, but then nothing happens. I opened an issue on Github, but I didn’t understand the answer.

I’m running my Docker Nextcloud on a custom port. Might this have something to do with this?

EDIT: The web interface is working.