Talk activates itself after deactivation

Hi all,

i have started using the all-in-one Docker version of nextcloud. It runs really good in total. However, I have one problem with the Talk application. I do not want to use it and thus I have deactivated it. When I login on the next day, the application is again activated. I tried it several times, but on the next day the application Talk is there again. Yesterday I have not only deactivated the application but also removed it completely. Today, the app installed and activated again. I guess that this behavior has something todo with the daily backup job, but I do not know for sure.
Do you have an idea how to deactivate the app completely?

Update: I think I have found my mistake. I have deactivated the app only in the nextcloud app section, but not in the AIO master configuration. I will know try to deactivate it there as well and see how that goes.

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