Takes long time to change name, editing files etc

I have Nextcloud 11.0.1 installed and my wife connects to it with Nextcloud Windows client on Windows 10. Often when she is renaming files/folders, editing files, it can sometimes take up to 10 minutes before the sync is complete. She cant open the file/folder until this is finished. I myself use Linux and these things have never happened to me. So there is something Windows related happening. I have checked nextcloud.log but I cant find anything wrong there.

Could it be the antivirus (she has tested 3 different antivirus)? When she was using Google Drive she didn’t have this problem.

She is using Nextcloud a lot for study, both from work (she study part time) and here at home where the server is.

I have set up the server with self signed certificate if that has anything to do with it.

I really need this fixed for her. Has anyone here had similar problem? I would be really grateful if someone could help me as I have no clue myself.

11.0.2 is the current version.

Disable it and see.

Once you accepted it, it should work as well. If you have your own domain name, you can use letsencrypt certificates they are free.

You can also check the logfiles of the client (F12), and also on the server.

Have tried to disable antivirus and there is nothing in the log (F12). I don’t want to upgrade to latest Nextcloud as I’m afraid I will mess it up. I don’t imagine a upgrade will solve the problem.

Is there any other log-file i can check on the server that might report an error about this problem?

Does she have the same problem on the web-interface? You webserver logfiles (nginx/apache) could contain more information. What kind of database are you using? sqlite has a bad performance especially if you connect with several users and/or clients.

I have now updated to latest stable Nextcloud. Have disabled antivirus on her computer but the problem remains. I have checked all logs i can think of on the server but there are none, so its something on her end. She is about to reinstall her computer, maybe it will solve the problem. Maybe I can lure her over to Linux :wink:

Good thing about updating to latest Nextcloud is that it fixed some php-error I had referring to language. It also fixed the logg-app.

What could help you is to find out whether the problem is on the server or client side.

We have some demo instances running which are configured as specified in the docs:

You can try to get her connected to this test instance and do the renaming process. You could as well check a different Win10 computer with NC client to connect to your session and reproduce this error.

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