Taiga, Trello, WeKan via n8n and Deck / Flow

Continuing the discussion from Understanding Nextcloud and how to automate it with tools such as Flow, Node-Red, n8n.io and other services:

Curious about extending n8n.io as well to merge various Kanban applications with Deck: Trello, WeKan, Taiga.

it would be great if there would be a general requirement for NC apps to provide interfaces for 3rd party apps like n8n for automation and make them easily configurable / usable as e.g. given here:

This process is totally complex and the components do exist:
Flow, External Script support for Flow, API’s for most apps already exist, including for Deck. I linked all of it above. These projects are clearly making extensive effort to provide access to API’s for third parties. You cannot make demands nor expect anything.

All of this is volunteer so you simply cannot require anyone to do anything. What you can do is begin coding it yourself or provide bread crumbs for others to follow.

Please try to help keep these topics focused, otherwise we’ll all get too confused. Firefly doesn’t have anything to do with this topic so let’s save that for a different topic. Thanks!

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good morning,
I’m sorry but I cannot leave that answer standing at is now, I hope we don’t have a reason to continue the discussion in that direction. I don’t mind to have the post deleted afterwards or split them, let’s say “documentation suggestion”.

My post was not intended to require anything, I just said “it would be great if…” that is not a demand.
I’m fully aware of the challenges of FOSS development and great work done by numerous volunteers. I organised the first GSoC application of a FOSS app what was quite a success story, we even tried to cooperate with NC, there was some close contact with NC staff but unfortunately, with didn’t find the right student to realise this idea. So I dare to say, there is not a reason to explain each other how dev in the FOSS world goes.

There is one thing what this endeavour taught me. Documentation can be perfect in the view of the developers, who are working frequently on a project but it can be challenging for newbies to follow anything. In my search of webhooks and APIs, I have noticed that documentation of these things in NC and its apps is not at one place, so you are jumping from one place to another, so it could be demotivating trying to dive into it.
The reason why I mentioned Firefly is, that this project put its APIs on API Documentation & Design Tools for Teams | Swagger. This makes them easy to find and test them, combined with the demo available, it is just great.
Imaging that all NC and NC apps would have all their APIs (and webhooks, see Integrations | SwaggerHub) available on such a platform. You could easily test against the demo available, without writing a piece of code, you just test and be sure, that there isn’t any mistake in your coding.
That is something that motivates you quickly and gives you another push to continue to develop something.

That is the only reason why I mentioned that I hope things a clearer now :).

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Heck yeah it is! Awesome explanation! :heart_eyes:

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