Tags restricted?

I read on the owncloud page when you add a tag and set it to restricted you can set that tag so its only available for a specific groups, however, you dont have the option on Nextcloud.

How are you meant to use restricted tags in the latest version of Nextcloud ?


Restrict tags to user groups is not implemented yet.

I had the same question because the user guide states:

Restricted means tags are assignable and editable only to the user groups that you select. Other users can filter files by restricted tags, but cannot tag files with them or rename them. The tags are marked (restricted).

It would be good to update the documentation to explain that this feature is still under development so that users don’t spend a few days trying to figure out how to implement this. How can users request changes to the documentation?


In the Issue Tracker of the Nextcloud Docu: https://github.com/nextcloud/documentation/issues

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Same here. Really need Group Tags. I opened up a related post about this here Limit Tags Scope for Shared Folders

Not having a way to limit the - scope - of tags causes me to have to copy / paste the same image in multiple places rather than create new tags that all my shared folder customers will see

You can try to implement it yourself, or motivate somebody by putting a bounty on it: