Tagging multiple files and dynamic search filter

Hello Nextcloud Community,

I’m reaching out as a newcomer to Nextcloud, excitedly experimenting with its capabilities for team collaboration. While Nextcloud Hub 8 (version 29.0.0) has impressed me in many ways, I’ve encountered a couple of features that I believe could be further enhanced for user convenience.

In previous versions, such as version 27, I appreciated the ability to apply tags to multiple files simultaneously. However, in the latest release, this functionality seems to have been omitted. Conversely, the ability to mark multiple files as favorites has been introduced, which is a welcomed addition.

My suggestion is to incorporate both features into Nextcloud Hub 8, allowing users to both tag and favorite multiple files at once. This would streamline organizational tasks and improve overall user experience.

Additionally, while the search and filter feature has seen significant improvements, I believe there is room for further enhancement. It would be incredibly useful to be able to search files based on custom conditions or metadata. For example, being able to search for files based on specific file extensions like pptx, docx, jpg, png, drawio, etc., would greatly improve efficiency, especially for users dealing with a large volume of diverse files.