Tables View gives: "The row could not be updated Request not allowed."

I have created a simple table for managing guest lists.
Everything works perfectly there - even with people with whom I have shared this table directly.

I then created a view with conditions as shown in the screenshot.

I then shared this view with the rights shown in the second screenshot.
=> This participant can now also create lines. This works. The data is also saved in the table with managing users

The user with the assigned view can read, create and should be able to update.
I can also edit the row after creating a row.
But when I click save the following message appears:
The row could not be updated Request not allowed.

When I refresh the view (reload page in browser, F5) the row is no longer displayed.

I get the following error message in the Nextcloud logging:
tables A permission error accured: update row id = 271 is not allowed.

What is going wrong here?
Could it be that I’m on the fence or is this a bug?


Nextcloud Version is: 27.1.5,

Tables-App Version: 0.6.6


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