Tables Only Displaying on 1/3 of the Screen – How to Utilize Full Width?

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed that in my Nextcloud instance, tables are only using about one-third of the screen width, leaving a lot of space unused. This makes the table contents harder to read and navigate. I’d like to utilize the entire available space to display the tables in full length.

NC: 29.0.2


  • Tables are only displayed on about 1/3 of the screen width.
  • A lot of screen space is unused, leading to truncated data in the tables.

Example: Here’s a screenshot illustrating what I’m seeing:


  1. Is there a built-in way in Nextcloud to adjust the table width so that they utilize the full screen width?
  2. Are there any settings or configurations in Nextcloud that might control this behavior?
  3. Has anyone addressed this by using custom CSS, or is there an alternative method?