Tables in Plain Text Editor

Is there a way to get tables to work in Plain Text Editor?

I create them offline in MacDown, but ones the .md is on Nextcloud, the tables are all plain text.


I don’t know “MacDown” but have you compared files you’ve created directly from within Nextcloud and the external created one? It might be possible that a different encoding or syntax is applied somehow.

I created the .md file directly on Nextcloud and tried to make a table accoriding to the official Markdown specifications. Since I failed, I took the file offline, created the tables in a split-screen editor. Back on Nextcloud, the tables are plain text.
It looks more like the Plain Text Edtior is ignoring the syntax.
Notes can handle tables well.

Afail the Plain Text Editor is indeed an editor which only displays plain text. If you want to use and see MarkDown documents it is necessary to install the Notes or the Mardown Editor app.

Thanks j-ed,
I did download the Markdown Editor, yet .md files always open in the Plain Text Editor.
Just figured out the way to open a file in the split view, that proves that I did not make any formatting errors.
If a normal users opens the file by double-clicking, it will open in the normal Plain Text Editor a.k.a Text and will look like a mess.

It would be amazing, if Plain Text Editor would accept markdown rules, since the files end with .md and one would expect them to handle simple Markdown.
Notes are only editable in Edit mode, in preview mode, they are read only.
Anyhow, I would rather be able to use tables in .md files.

I hope tables will be implement in the near future, since they are a basic element of a text document and helpful in a variety of files.