Synology WebDAV NextCloud issue with large files


my setup seems to have issues with large files. Mov’s and zip’s for example. WebDav uploads the file and starts from the beginning, over and over again. It seems like, the connection aborts for some reason and resuming is not supported.

I tried to find out, if there is a difference between setting up Synology’s CloudSync to upload only or bidirectional. But that doesn’t change anything.

Are there other ways to sync my NAS, other than WebDAV? Are there any settings, I could change on any side?

Thanks in advance.

For large uploads, there is a dedicated page in the documentation:

Without logs, it is hard to guess why it fails.

Thank you very much, I hope, this helps.

I added the php tweeks for larger files, but htat didn’t help. I am testing with a 47GB zip file and it’s now uploading again.