Syncronizing/upload text messages/SMS to NextCloud

Hello forum

is it possible with the built-in functionality of the NextCloud mobile app to syncronize/upload
my text messages/SMS to a NextCloud-server?

Thank you!


Nextcloud SMS does this, although it does not support MMS (lots do not). It is also a little bit janky, as it doesn’t really restore messages if you switch from one phone to another, or allow you to text from it. Would recommend checking it out though.

You could always switch to QKSMS also. Setup the Nextcloud app to auto upload a custom folder (the QKSMS backups folder), and periodically make backups via QKSMS. QKSMS is working on automatic backups now, and I believe they are even implementing capability to autoupload the backups to a server of your choosing.

Thank you very much for the help!


I have another question about smsmessages. In our organization we have a need for smsgroups. I.e. we want to be able to send sms-messages to all our members to communicate important information. Can I use the contacts app groups to do this? I have tried to create a group in Nextcloud contacts but so far the group is not imported only the contacts.