Syncronisation problems with AES containers

Hi Community,
I have several containers in my Nextcloud instance. These are encrypted with AES and were created with VeraCrypt. In the end, it is a standalone file.
If I now change something in these files Nextcloud ignores them completely and does not load the h
The files are on the ignore list and not excluded by anything. The ErrorLog is empty. It simply ignores this file completely. Do you have any idea why and how I can fix this?
I am using PHP version 8.1 and the current stable release. The server runs with Ubuntu 20.04 and is up-to-date.
I hope you can help me
With kind regards

A mounted veracrypt drives acts as any other other mounts. However there are two things that needs to be in order: The mount has to be, well, mounted and accessible as any other folder by the OS on the host, and either be the path for nextcloud data. The ownership and file permissions still ahs to be according to documentation (owned by the user running the PHP engine/webserver and write permissions for the same)

Or the veracrypt files are added as “remote”/external storage as they are mounted on another machine (containers behaves as other machines) through the NC app for adding remote storage.

Both of the above requires that NC can edit the “locations”.

Hello Kerasit,
I meant it a little differently than you described. The mounting and local management of VeraCrypt containers are not relevant here. I don’t want to expand my storage space or encrypt it. I just want to upload the container files created by VeraCrypt (or similar programs) to the cloud.
These are normal standalone files like for example a simple text file.

Ah. Fair. I cannot answer that. :slight_smile: