Syncing Tasks / Subtasks with Android: Davdroid / OpenTasks / Mirakel

Dear community,
I recently added the tasks app to my nextcloud v10.01 to be able to sync them with my android device.
I was using such a setup earlier with Google Tasks and the GTasks App on Android.
For the same purpose with Nextcloud I installed Davdroid and tested the Mirakel Android app v3.0 (which has the nicer UI IMHO) --> I couldn’t make the syncing work!
Next I installed the OpenTasks Android App, where the syncing apperntly seemed to work.
However, when I added new Tasks in Nextcloud Tasks App and added Subtasks to them, each subtask gets synced to Android as a separate task (in contrast to a subtask)!
On the other hand, when I added subtasks in Opentasks, these get also synced to Nextcloud, but they appear as Notes added to each main task like this (they are really EXACTLY like this):

[ ] subtask one
[ ] subtask two

So it seems, whatever I do, I cannot just create Tasks on one Platform and tick/check Tasks on the other. :sunglasses:

What’s wrong with me, Nextcloud or the Tasks apps? :sob:

Has someone experienced anything similar, with a workaround maybe?


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Mirakel requires a modified version of DAVdroid to sync properly. See

I have the same experience with OpenTasks so I don’t think there is anything wrong on your end. Sub tasks are problematic with a lot of clients. Thunderbird and Outlook have the same kind of issues.

Basically, if you need compatibility across devices, avoid sub tasks.

You are right. But the Davdroid Version from Mirakel is from 2014.
Have you positive experience with that combination?

Just installed Davdroid (Mirakel Version) and Mirakel itself.
Sadly, I couldn’t make the sync to work. :sob:
Maybe an update will fix something…
There just needs to be a way to check items on my shopping/groceries list :innocent:

Please don’t use the Mirakel DAVdroid version unless you know what you’re doing. It’s very old and won’t be maintained.

I use OpenTasks for grocery lists myself. Where’s the problem? You can check the items either using OpenTasks, or in any other client: just replace “[ ]” by “[x]”.

Technically, the “[ ]” and “[x]” are not really sub-tasks, but lines of the task description. You can edit the description with any CalDAV client.


The app Task Sync - To Do List claims Owncloud compatibility, while I couldn’t make it sync with nextcloud.

I also tried aCalendar+tasks, which seems to work better than OpenTasks, it uses Davdroid as well.

BTW: I found several apps working with WebCal, is it any different to CalDav?

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Just a note:
While the interface to Mirakel 3.0 is really nice, the app seems to have gone unmaintained, and the maintainer openly admits that sync is broken for caldav (only task warrior seemed to be working, but even then the app is still unmaintained).

I have an issue open with Open Tasks to add syncing, and the maintainer has said that they’re looking into it, but no updates there yet. It would be great if @davdroid could come in on the Github issue as to anything major they would need to know to make this happen.

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