Syncing password vaults

Can anybody recommend a cross platform Password Manager where I can sync password vaults? I’ve been a 1Password user for years, syncing Vaults via Dropbox. I’ve just finished moving everything off Dropbox, the only remaining data are those password vaults…arguably the most important. They only support Dropbox/iCloud.

I’m pretty much entirely invested in the Apple ecosystem, so it has to support MacOS/iOS but wouldn’t mind it to be cross platform and support Windows. I saw some folks using KeePass…is that the only option? The iOS apps for Keepass out there seem pretty terrible…

What’s wrong with KeePass?
Sync works well and there are programs/apps for every platform. And there is even a Nextcloud plugin which enables you to edit the KeePass files directly from within Nextcloud.

Edit: There are more apps for KeePass on iOS, see

Alternatively, there’s Passman here on the NC platform.

Does Passman have an iOS app? Browser plugins?

Nothing wrong with KeePass other than the iOS options are miserable.

A Google search says yes. Here’s a link to the browser add-ons github discussion, links for Chrome and FF are within