Syncing of Group Folders

I want to provide a file for serveral users. Every night a cron job downloads the current version of the file, copies it in the directory for out group folder and runs

occ groupfolders:scan <groupfolderid>

That works so far: The file ends up in the group folder on the web, but it doesn’t sync to the clients.

Am I missing something? Do I have to initiate the sync from the server side?

You can slip the file in officially via webdav? Then it might trigger the upload better. Now it just doesn’t sync or it just take a lot of time the client discover the change?

I will try that.

I waited for several hours, so I would say it won’t sync at all. The force sync button in the client doesn’t help. Only removing and re-adding the folder in the settings worked.

Perhaps it works also if you just change something in the folder, so it triggers to check that folder again.

I added a timestamp to the files name and with a completely new file the sync is triggered. That works for me. Thanks!