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Hello Everyone!

I have this Oppo phone from China that is given to me I ditched Google and other apps that intrudes the user’s privacy. (So Googleplay and other services are not installed on my device) I have this one problem though my mobile OS is like Oppo Android? Not sure what it is, but every time I install DAVx5 on my device (on F-Droid) an identity check pop up from Oppo accounts want me to log on. I was like hell no! I don’t want to create an account for Oppo. If any of you has a link or the .apk of DAVx⁵ please share it. I can install apps if I have the apk on my device and I can bypass the freaking Oppo stalker verification! LOL! I was able to get “Managed DAVx⁵” I think it does not work properly with NXC. Please help…

I’ll be changing to Pinephone soon, I want a Librem 5 but it’s hella expensive.

Thank you so much!

A little search through brought up (amongst other sites):⁵-–-caldavcarddav-client/at.bitfire.davdroid

However, I doubt that sideloading an app on your Oppo wont bring up that pesty Oppo account login since it has for sure nothing to do with F-Droid. My best guess is that there is a (probably hidden) switch in Oppo’s Android version on your phone which hinders all kinds of sideloads. Have you checked the Oppo-forums about this matter?

So wait, you ditched Google over privacy concerns (and rightfully so)… and went to a Chinese phone? That sounds like substituting one privacy issue for another.

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Check-out the F-droid repository.

So wait, you ditched Google over privacy concerns (and rightfully so)… and went to a Chinese phone? That sounds like substituting one privacy issue for another.

Naw man! Like I said the Oppo phone is free, it was given to me so there is this OPPO default OS. It’s either I install a new OS to the OPPO but I’m not yet a tech junky, I’m afraid that I might break the phone. I was so used to Google and I also installed it with the OPPO OS. Now I deleted Google…

Hi Tamsy,

No, I haven’t checked the Oppo forums. I’m tired of this limited OS BS. I think I’ll just study on how to install a Linux OS for Android. I don;t want to waste my time checking on the Oppo forums because MY OS is Oppo I think to be able to bypass their BS stalking create your account thingy. I think the best solution is switching to a Linux OS.

I checked your link at startpage, the website does not let me download an software that’s not even the .apk. Weird…

Thank you!

Check-out the [F-droid]( repository.

I already did. The Oppo stalker app won’t let me install it on F-droid. It wants me to create an account.

It isn’t necessary to install the F-droid app, you can directly download the DAVx5 apk file and install it :wink:

Not really. What’s the Chinese government gonna do? What power do Chinese companies have over your life? Nothing and none, if you don’t live in China.

What’s google gonna do? Use as much information as it can to manipulate you, to change how you view the world, to change how you feel about things.

The two really aren’t comparable. Marketing is what google does, it’s the reason the company exists. I’m not remotely scared of a foreign government, but I’m terrified of foreign advertisers.

We’re veering off topic a little here, but I’ll just add that privacy means different things to different people. It’s not always about what power will be exerted over you. Maybe I also just don’t want strangers looking at pictures of my kids. That’s perfectly valid reasoning too.

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Try LineageOS, it supports a few OPPO models, maybe yours? I’m running it just fine without any google apps on my Samsung. You don’t need to be a tech junky, they provide instructions on how to install it.

You can download APKs directly from the F-Droid website, you don’t need to use the app. Once the APK is installed, the app will keep it updated, or you can manually update by downloading APKs if you prefer.

This link will download the Davx5 APK directly from F-Droid. Use a browser, not the F-Droid app. This is the DAVx5 page on the F-Droid site. The links to the APKs are below the version information.

Good luck!

I wouldn’t want people looking at pictures of my kids either, but I REALLY don’t want pictures of my kids being used to manipulate my opinion of products, or corporations, or government policy. Google does all that after looking, whereas a google-free OPPO phone might just look.

As I said, the two really aren’t comparable.

We’ll have to agree to disagree then. In my opinion, all invasions of privacy are worthy of note and also subject to comparison.

Hey Steve,

Sad to say my model does not support LineageOS, like I said I’ll buy a new phone that supports it or probably a Librem or Pinephone.


Get a Xiaomi from the Redmi line…

Cheap, fast, good quality and (often) bootloader can be officially unlocked.
Good aftermarket ROM support… (Most of) Google Camera features work…

I have the Redmi 5 Plus for about 18 months, paid under £100 for it…

Yo Steve!

These links are the real deal! Thank you so much! I bypassed the Oppo create your account BS! HAHAHA! Damn these companies are crazy, imagine a person who does not know anything about basic data privacy. This world is out of control!

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