Syncing large files (>1 GB) needs very long to finish and sometimes i get a connection lost

Hello Community,

i recently switched from ownCloud to Nextcloud because of multiple problems with syncing large files and folder with very much files in it (Picture-Sets with more than 10k files).

So, Nextcloud is for now much more stable and just overall better (less problem) as ownCloud, !but! i have a Problem when i try to Sync files above 1 GB (Windows Sync Client). It needs about 30 to 60 seconds to finish the Upload (Upload is already done, but until the fileupload is finished needs that long) and sometimes (mostly when files are about 3 GB and it takes even longer, i get a connection lost. The good thing is, after it reconnects automatically, everything looks fine and uploaded. But i think that is not how it should be :confused:

To my specs:

I have a VPS, hosted in Düsseldorf (4x Core 4 GB RAM 150 GB HDD). On the Server i have running a Wordpress + MyBB forum (besides the Nextcloud).

Nextcloud is the biggest thing there with about 40 GB and largest Database (150k Files).

My configuration looks like this (PHP/Nexcloud)

Nextcloud 13 with php 5.6 and MySQL

max_input_time 76000
max_execution_time 76000


I guess its a configuration thing. When i Upload smaller files (<10 MB) everything works great!

May you have some suggestions for me :slight_smile:

Thank you very much in advance!