Syncing does not work anymore

I am working with four accounts inside nextcloud, and they have been working so far.
Now I am facing for one account problems with syncing, while syncing is working for the other accounts.

I get error messages like:

  • Error transferring xxxxx (the file name) server replied - service unavailable
  • xxxxx (the file name) Operation canceled
    Operation canceled
    The message Operation canceled

Where do I start looking for the cause of these problems (the syncing does also not work for files for which I don’t get an error message.

Thanks in advance for any hint.

Correction of my text, I wanted to say:
The message “Operation canceled” appears twice in the field of error messages, for each error message.


Please increase the log level to “Warning” and provide the nextcloud.log and also the error.log of the web server.
Could you also fill out the issue template (NC app for admins) and provide the requested information about your system?

Hi, thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t know much about the internals of nextcloud.
When I go to settings I do not see any options for setting the log level.
The only setting it offers is to show or not the “hidden files”.

In fact the only difference between the account where syncing produces error messages, and the others where everything works, is that the problematic account ran into the budget limit. But it has now again plenty of free space.

When you deleted files for that problematic user, did you also clean up the trash bin of Nextcloud for that user?

No, how would I do this?
I am using nextcloud only via the file system on our PCs, never with webdav. In fact I am using nextcloud as I was using Dropbox, i.e. once I had set it up, I didn’t touch anything as far as configuration ist concerned.

Ah, sorry I forgot to say that we are using PCs running either Windows 7 or Windows 10.

On the web GUI find the little trash bin icon with the text “Deleted Files” besides on the left side (within the files app):

Click it and you will see the files which you probably deleted for that user. Mark them all and delete them as well to clean up the user’s file space.