Syncing contacts with davx^5

I am trying to sync my local contacts on my phone, to my nextcloud instance via davx^5. It seems to be connected. I notice though when I delete a contact on my phone, a few minutes later, that contact is restored again. I go onto my nextcloud local instance on my desktop, and there are no contacts. On my phone, I probably have about 50 contacts. Why isn’t it syncing?

You’re most likely using the wrong address book. By installing DAVx5 new address books are created which are linked to Nextcloud. You have to copy/move your “local” contacts on your phone to the DAVx5 address book to get it automatically synced.

so export contacts on phone into my nextcloud instance?

You should export the contacts on your phone from your original “internal” address book and re-import it to the “DAVx5” address book on your phone.