Syncing code projects

Anybody else have issues syncing code projects with Nextcloud? I’ve had issues with a handful of languages (but namely Python, Elixir, and git objects) where dependencies, compiled files, etc will throw errors and cause the whole sync process to be messed up. I usually have a different array of issues, but this time I’m getting The server did not acknowledge the last chunk. (No e-tag was present) errors. Last year I just gave up and dumped all this code in Syncthing and all ways good. Well Syncthing is just a headache now, so much so that if there is a good fix here for this, I’ll put everything back in Nextcloud. Otherwise I’ll have to go caveman and rsync my code projects between computers.

Server: FreeBSD 12.0
Nextcloud version: 16.0.3

Client: Ubuntu 18.04
Nextcloud client version: 2.5.2

It probably makes a lot more sense to move my git projects outside my sync clients, but that still wouldn’t solve my other code projects that I don’t have in a git repo

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Usually there is no problems, only what I have seen is some users report errors with projects with a lot of small files that changed frequently and NC client was not able to sync all in time between changes.
And GIT is exact for those projects. You can run it also near your NC as a new service.

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Maybe I’ll just spin up my own gitea server and call it a day haha. Could you elaborate on running it near my NC instance as a new service? I don’t think I understood

For example like this:
Basically you can have more services, e.g. I have dokuwiki, Nextcloud, Cacti, etc. all under the same domain name, this is just Apache2 Virtual host or Folder configuration.

Yea, NC isn’t really good for hosting code. I also ended up spinning up gitea and added a link to it via the external sites app.

Still need to figure out a good way to share credentials

Ahhhh gotcha. That’s what I figured you were saying. I’ll probably throw a git server in a different jail. I don’t like my separate projects touching :wink:

Makes sense with all the possible small files that change regularly. I liked not having to think about using git pull when I switched to a different box. I’ll just have to use my zsh cues to remind myself there was a change