Syncing a shared folder across users

I am trying to set up a file share across multiple computers, some with Linux and some on Windows. I am currently struggling to set it up in a way that it’s legible for non-savvy users and I’d love to hear some pointers on how to go about this.

I have a folder full of CNC embroidery files I need to keep in sync across multiple computers and users. I want to make use the feature of Files version control, so that if I modify a file, another user can just open up their file as if I had modified it in their filesystem, and having the option to go to the Files web app to pick a specific version, in case of a mistake.

The problem I’m encountering, is that shared folders can’t be moved to each user’s Documents folder so they get synced to their local filesystem, and I can’t add the shared folder path to get synced independently of the Documents sync (and ignoring it when syncing the other Documents)

So, a TL;DR:

  • I have a folder “X” I need to keep in /User/Documents/X so it syncs via the desktop client
  • The folder should be locally available, so it’s transparent to the user and can be accessed by the corresponding software on each user’s computer
  • Any changes made by a user should propagate to the other users, keeping all computers in sync
  • Any changes should still be available via the WebGUI of NC Files in case a user needs an older version of any given file.
  • Ideally, the folder should be just one copy, belonging to a single user, to avoid file duplication on the server

TL;DR2: Basically I need SyncThing, but with versioning capabilities. I could set up SyncThing but I’d rather have NC handle it, since we’re already using it for the rest of our files.
Thanks in advance for any help you can lend!

I would really like to know the answer to this as well.