Synchronizing two nextcloud servers

I want to synchronize two next cloud servers. Is there any possibility for this?


You can connect them via federation. Not all local features will be available in this manner.

Under External Storage app, mount Nextcloud storage webdav location from one server to another.
Add “Trusted Servers” under admin settings using your credentials.

This will allow you to access folders and files remotely stored on each machine, plus list your federated user(s) as available contacts.

Using the Circles and Mood apps you can try to add further federation sharing options between the federated users. Most federation features are still being developed

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Just to be clear, federation does not entail replication of files on any server to another?

@brainchild yes, federation allow you to acces to files on the other server ( if the other server is down you cannot have access to the files using federation).

It would seem useful if two deployments could replicate shared folders, or one server could act as client for another.

I would second a mirroring. With federation the time stamp change…

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