Synchronize the client files manually

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I wish to synchronize my files manually.
Typically, I use a nextcloud server from a Linux machine.
Every things is fine if I open an X session (thus, nextcloud run), but it I log on the machine in a terminal, my files are not synchronized.

Steps to replicate it:

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Another option would be a mount rather than sync:

Thank Josh,

Thank for the suggestions.
However, this does not really applied in my case.
Here more details.
From a machine A,
I synchronized some directories to the server cloud by using the graphics tool of nextcloud
(nextcloud is started automatically when the user start a X session).
Then, the user logout (and quits the X session [graphics mode]).
If the synchronized directories are modified by another machine B (using the same configuration tool),
the directories are not synchronized on machine A (since nexcloud is not running due to the lack of login
in graphics mode [no X session running]). In theory, this would not matter until the user connect in text mode.
In text mode (no X session), the user would like to synchronize to the server.

If I make mkdir Nexcloud_dir on machine A, and then
nextcloudcmd Nextcloud_dir cloud.server
it copies the entire space of the user (of the cloud server) to Nextcloud_dir
Of course, this is not a good point.
If I do a mount, it will produce the same result.
I would like that nextcloud just “synchronizes” the local directories of machine A which may have been updated
by machine B (or directly through https://cloud.server). I use a double synchronization.

Thank for your help.