Synchronize the calendar with Iphone


i try to synchronize my NextCloud calendar on my iphone.
Here is the settings i configured

Settings >> Calendar>> Add a new account >> Others >> Add a new CalDAV account >>
Server : https://myserver/remote.php/dav/principals/users/username
password : mypassword

but it doesn’t work.

Can you please help me?

Please use the provided template to provide DETAILED information about the environment and the software versions you’re using and also which errors are logged etc., etc. Be as precise as possible :wink:

If your server is correctly configured it is enough to use just the domain

Do you get any error message?

The error message :

Can’t connect through SSL. Try without SSL? (it’s takes the S of https off)

The verification of the CalDAV account failed

The situation is solved. the issue is from the space in the login

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