Synchronization very very slow, background task 17 days ago

My Nextcloud server is 26.0.2 version, hosted with a provider (Infomaniak) where I have access to a shell, but no root access, unable to modify php.ini. The database is MariaDB (MySQL-like). The size of the space under the nextcloud directory is about 37 GB. About 100 000 files.

The synchronization is very very slow, background task was executed 17 days ago.

The other applications (calendar, address book) work correctly.

Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Can you create cronjobs? Via shell: crontab -e

It is likely that the scripts run with your user’s permission, so you don’t need to edit the crontab of the www-data (you wouldn’t have the permission), just then add the cronjob:

*/5 * * * * php -f /path/to/nextcloud/cron.php

You need to add the path where your Nextcloud setup is located. You can first try the command directly on your shell and see if it is working:

php -f /path/to/nextcloud/cron.php

Thank you! While trying to apply the method you recommended to me, I noticed an inconsistency between the PHP versions… I asked the support to set up the right version.

It is possible in environments to have different php versions, in such a case you need to pick the corresponding php executable such as php8.1 or php81 if you are using php 8.1.

Yes, thank you, I did it. The error message disappeared, but the slow update job is still running… I’m trying to contact the support.