Synchronization problems in macos big sur client

I have next cloud running on a few computers without much issues (macOS Catalina, Windows 10, and few Linux flavors, IOS and Android). But I’m installing Nextcloud 3.2.3 on a brand new Mac running Big Sur 11.4 (x86), and while the installation runs smoothly the client says it is syncing but no file gets created in the assigned folder.

While clicking in the Nextcloud icon in the menu bar the client reports being offline. If I select to pause sync then it goes online. When looking at the destination folder in Finder, the icon appears with a green tick mark. But the folder is mostly empty, only 2 .sync_xxxxxxx.db and .db-wal files were created. Selecting settings, the client has a message "Checking for changes in remote ". It keeps updating the file path, so it seems to be connected to the server and scanning the directory structure even when showing it is offline. But it never seems to finish.

The fact that the .sync_xxx files were created seems to exclude some permission issue on that folder (that was created in the default place).

Reinstalling Nextcloud, changing destination folder, does not seem to have an effect. Restarting the computer seems to not have an effect either.

Any idea on what I could try to fix the problem?

Thanks a lot,


If it was working with previous versions and problems appear after an update, it’s likely a bug. Please check the bug tracker for similar issue Issues · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub and create a new one if you can’t find anything related.

Since you use different systems, do they all work with the 3.2.3 client version? For the bug report, it would be helpful to check the logfiles as well: